The Bollini Lab is an experimental catalysis and reaction engineering laboratory that aims to discover improved catalysts and chemical processes by developing a molecular level understanding of diffusion, adsorption, and reaction phenomena.


Porous coordination polymers for hydrocarbon conversion

Porous coordination polymers are an emerging class of nanomaterials that offer the possibility for design of active sites novel to the field of heterogenous catalysis. Our group is using PCPs as a platform to synthesize and characterize active sites that more closely mimic their biological counterparts in chemical structure and catalytic function.




Catalysis on oxide nanocrystals

Bulk metal oxides are used as catalysts in a broad array of industrial applications. These oxides have complex surface structures- a factor that often precludes the development of rigorous structure-property relationships. Our group (in collaboration with the Rimer group) is seeking to use well-defined shaped nanocrystals to develop predictive structure-catalytic property relationships in oxide catalysis.